"Time isn't real,"​ said no project manager, ever

"Time isn't real,"​ said no project manager, ever

Hey there, and welcome to the last day of May! It’s also my last newsletter written from The Garden Isle (Kauai). Next week I’ll be melting in Arizona and back with my family. This week we’re mixing time management with martial arts-inspired leadership (kinda-sorta). Here’s to a great summer ahead! 🌞 ~ryan

To Read 📖

As my wife has reminded me, when I don’t think I’ve enough time to get things done, "time is an artificial concept" (think about that for a minute). That noted, perhaps this article, Stop Trying to Manage Your Time, has a good point.

We are pressed for precious minutes every day. Be it at work or home; there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. So, as Amantha Imber notes in her article above, don’t worry about the time. Those eight hours of back-to-back meetings aren’t going to stop. Instead, concentrate on managing your energy; your “time [is] already spoken for.”

To Use 🛠

Image by the author.

Last week I mentioned how much I use Obsidian to keep my notes organized and my tasks at the forefront of my mind. This week I’d like to introduce you to what’s considered a direct competitor of last week’s pick: Notion. Here’s ☝ a screenshot of a page from my Agile Tools & Processes guide I wrote.

What sets Notion apart from many other offerings is the ease of using data within the space. Linking and using data sets across a Notion site or pages is easy (even for me). There are hundreds of tutorials out there, and people love to show off the spaces they’ve created. Check out the Notion Sub-Reddit for some examples of what you can do with it.

Niceties like drag and drop, embedding, and support of other sites/tools are rather nice too, which is the very opposite of Obsidian 🤷️. It also has the ability to share a document with about two clicks, so you're able to show off your work. Personally, I don't consider Notion and Obsidian as competing tools, as I use them under different use cases (tables are a pain to use in Obsidian, just sain’). Finally, Notion is free, but like most tools in the space, you do need to pay for "extras."

To Learn 🏫

This week I wrote an article on using Kata (Using Kata Along the Agile Project Management Path*) within project management, more specifically within Agile. The term originally refers to a martial arts practice of repetitive movement (to make it second nature). Within the project/management space, it’s been repurposed as “… a means for making the continual improvement process … teachable.” It's honestly not too far of a leap from what many PMs do already; help lead them to make the right decisions (and eventually, they'll do it without you).

*Note: I’m no longer linking to my NewsBreak articles. Their use of ads ruins the learning experience. My pieces are now at erickson.pm, ad-free. ’cause I hate ads.

To Chuckle 😅

I’m a huge” fan of Comic Agilé (< LinkedIn Link). This comic reminds us, “Not even the PO tells the Scrum Team what to work on; instead, they can choose to pick up whatever ‘ready’ PBIs they want from the Product Backlog (which the PO orders).”

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