Rebooting "The Stakeholder Report,"​ on LinkedIn

Rebooting "The Stakeholder Report,"​ on LinkedIn

Welcome to the reboot of The Stakeholder Report, a weekly curated collection of tools, stories, and wit to make you a brilliant Project Manager. It's been a little more than a year since I authored my last TSR newsletter, but life has finally gotten to the point where I can get back into the educational side of the project management world.

That noted, TSR is designed to give you a quick bit of PM knowledge to keep you on your toes. Because, let's face it, sometimes it's a little daunting to learn even a little while you're in the midst of a project. This is written for you- the uber-busy PM. ~ryan

To Read 📖

Humor and Project Management; an almost perfect combination

A funny thing happened this week (🥁); I came across two different articles on humor in the workplace.

  • The first, Leading Projects With Humor (PMI), is specific to the project team and how to use it to loosen the mood.
  • The second, Leading with Humor (HBR), is a 2014 article on humor in the workplace. Sometimes it’s a good thing; sometimes, it's not.

I’ve always tried to keep the mood light at work. Of course, there are times when it’s appropriate and others when it’s not. You’ll know which is which reasonably fast.

To Use 🛠

Everything. That’s basically what I take notes on during the workday. As a remote program manager, I need to rely on what I hear and see during online meetings. My go-to tool is Obsidian; that ☝ is a screenshot of a (sanitized) meeting day. A free “second brain” to keep track of, well, everything. There are hundreds of plugins (also free) to extend its use, and its community is vast and knowledgable. The program's “graph view” is a pretty cool feature too. I highly recommend checking it out.

To Learn 🏫

Somewhat self-indulging, this is a piece I wrote on "the what is" and "how to use" Velocity. Gauging your team’s efforts, using Velocity is a short article written with the beginner in mind.

To Chuckle 😅

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