Personal task management will make you a better project manager.

Personal task management will make you a better project manager.

Through a daily (workday) routine, I've found that I am indeed a goal-setter. The first thing I do when I log on is open up my notes app (Obsidian), create a new daily note, and check my calendars. This routine leads to daily and weekly goal setting at the onset of each day and allows me to keep tabs on how the day is progressing.

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As a project manager, I've found my weakness: keeping track of everything. As a program manager, that weakness is compounded by several concurrent projects. So, to counter this, I've become a reasonably decent organizer with goals (and tasks) making up most of my day. That said, here are two articles on the creation of goals; the first is about the Most Important Task (MIT) method to decipher what needs to get done now, and the second is an introduction to The Eisenhower Matrix. While I'm not a huge fan of this matrix style, some live by it.


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We don't use Slack where I work, but I've used it plenty for non-work and volunteer opportunities. And while Slack is indeed a tool in its own right, in this week's "To Use 🛠" I bring you 38 Slack Communities To Join For Every Tech Professional. From digital marketing to working remotely, there's at least one group for you. Of course, there are some paid channels too, but I can't vouch for any of those myself.

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While looking for a good resource to learn SQL so I could make that leap from just excel, a co-worker of mine (thank you, Jane) sent me a link to Mode. It offers a great (and free) hands-on tutorial on the uses of SQL (and Python) for anyone needing a data analytics primer. The easy-to-follow walkthrough/reading is on point, and their use of actual data makes it not only relevant but kind of fun to learn. Case in point, did you know that between 1956 and 2014, Elvis and M.C. Hammer were on the Billboard Top 100 forty times combined?

Give it a try; it took me about a week to get through doing it a few hours a night… I'm basically an SQL God at this point. 🙄

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This was an Amazon find.

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