Microsoft is pushing AI into the Project Management spaces

Microsoft is pushing AI into the Project Management spaces

I'm Ryan, and this is The Stakeholder Report (#4), a weekly (usually) roundup of interesting news and tidbits within Project Management and Leadership.

Hey, team 👋, welcome to another near-end of the week. Can you believe it’s already the last full week of January 2024?

The big news (linked below) this week is the reported data breach of Trello- well, less of a breach and more of an “oops.” This week's lesson is to ensure you're not the oops-guy/gal (leaving customer data available to be found). Have a great weekend. ~r

Trello Suffers a Data "Breach" 

Trello, a widely-used project management tool, experienced a data breach in January 2024, where over 15 million user accounts were compromised. And they didn't get hacked- the data was obtained by scraping the site or testing a pre-existing list of email addresses against a publicly accessible resource. Ouch.

Microsoft Planner’s getting AI

Microsoft is integrating AI into its work management tools, combining the simplicity of to-do lists, the collaboration of Microsoft Planner, and the power of Microsoft Project for the web with the intelligence of Microsoft Copilot.

Leadership Articles Compilation

Seismic has compiled a list of must-read leadership articles, including insights on successful leadership behaviors and the differences between a boss and a leader

& ICYMI: The Value of Lessons Learned

We emphasize the importance of documenting lessons learned in project management for transparency and accountability, drawing parallels with government transparency.

Quote of Quotes 🗣️

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. ~ Harry S. Truman

Question En Masses❓

How do you know when your team(s) are progressing or ready to move on to their next phase?